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Elizabeth Jeff

"Petka has been my trainer for two years. We focused on mobility and strength. Petka has a wealth of knowledge and each week progressively coached me to restore my mobility and keep my strength. Our sessions were enjoyable and the good type of hard work. Petka is professional, reliable and caring." March 21, 2022

Callum White

"Petka is an amazing and friendly personal trainer! I went to her for assistance with my mobility/functional strength training and after just one session I felt that I had learned a lot from her. She is attentive, insightful and very passionate about what she does. Petka delivered on everything I wanted and training with her was rewarding and fun! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their mobility or get started with functional strength training." June 8, 2021

Vinit Tewani

"Petka is great trainer and a nice human being. She understands the lifestyle and accordingly customise the workouts. She is very flexible and keeps you motivating not only in training but in personal life as well. More then just doing exercise, she makes you understand the importance of it and how it affects your body. I had a great time training with her at Les mills NZ, my body changed completely from decreasing fat, to gaining strength and muscles, she understands all the aspects of the body. I wish her all the best for future" June 30, 2020

Stéphanie Avezaat

"I always had a certain fitness goal in my life but I never took much action to achieve that. This needed to change, so I started training with Petka. She gave me much motivation to go to the gym often and taught me how to diet in a healthy way. I always loved our varied training sessions and we made rapid progress. She is an enthusiastic and lovely lady! You can see, she really loves her job. Besides training hard, we also had lots of fun! Best PT ever" February 12, 2019

Atefeh Pourali​

"Petka is a fantastic personal trainer. Energetic, motivating and helpful. She makes an effort to work flexibly around your schedule and plans a program that suits individuals. She's also very responsive and caring, always there to answer your questions and give advice. I've been working with her for 18 sessions so far and am very pleased with our workout and interactions. She has totally transformed my workout habits. I actually look forward to gym!" September 27, 2018

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