Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness - Master’s Degree in Health Education and Biology - REPs Certified - LesMills Group Fitness Instructor BODYPUMP, CXWORX

Originally From Czech

Fitness is not only field where I have been working for more then 3 years, It’s part of my life, like brushing the teeth! Feeling endorphins kick in through the great workout is what gives me chills! Set my clients with sustainable healthy habits, get them look forward to their weekly workouts and celebrate every small achievement through our journey, THAT IS MY MISSION!

My lifestyle

…is focused on developing healthy habits to live happy life.
…is also filled with lots of steaks, butter and eggs.
Sometimes I am tired but cup of coffee is easy fix, then I feel unstoppable! Can talk ages and exercise for hours - > Group Fitness Instructor life 🙂 ... except Lesmills Core and Pump Classes I enjoy HIIT Training, Deadlifts & Pull Ups and here and there fun Run or Spin Class

Little bit more...

How I cope with stress? ... sauna in winter and sunbathing in summer
What I dislike: cold feet, so if you see someone wearing leg warmers, it's most likely me! 😀
Favorite place: when I am not at the gym I love going for walks and spending time with my partner